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Photo of Blossom Eight
Photo of Blossom Eight
Photo of Blossom Eight
Photo of Blossom Eight
Photo of Blossom Eight

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Blossom Eight

USD28.90 - USD35.90


A pretty phone case that isn't compromised by its protective capabilities. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
ThickSkin provides durable long lasting protection for your phone with an appreciation of artwork from freelancers around the world.
Express yourself with a myriad of stunning designs to fit each occasion or mood.

β€’ Tough case is double layered with internal silicone & external polycarbonate cover for extra durability.
β€’ Snap case is easy in the pocket. It's a slim and lightweight polycarbonate cover intended for mobility.

πŸ‘ Premium print quality with gloss finish that does not fade off.
πŸ‘ Engineered to fit perfectly and protect every corner against drops.
πŸ‘ High grade materials used for maximum shock absorption on impact.
πŸ‘ Easily insert case to phone for a firm grip that is comfortable to hold.
πŸ‘ Generous variety of designs with customization options (see our shop!).

Compatible with Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S and Note series.
To print without adding a name, simply leave the field empty.

*** Please note that designs that appear glitter-ish are sublimated ink pixels rather than textured speckles.

For enquiries, chat with us at

Raised Screen Bezels

Anti Microbial Coated

High Colour Density

Screen Protector Friendly

All Rounded Coverage

Poly-carbon material

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